Air Quality Applications

Detection of mold spores and other airborne particles


Our AI-based technology empowers the detection of airborne particles such as mold spores and other contaminants with high accuracy in just a few minutes.

Importance of air quality control

Air quality control and monitoring are critical on the production lines of many industries, as airborne particles such as mold spores can negatively impact product quality. Even small changes in air quality can cause spoilage of goods, production delays, or even production stoppages, resulting in higher costs for the company. That is why the industry has strict regulations for the permissible levels of airborne particles. Current solutions for monitoring controls typically involve manual microscopic analysis or long incubation periods, which can be time-consuming and costly.

The CAMSENS Advantage

Manual analysis

Total sample 30%

Manual analysis under the microscope can be a time-consuming and tedious task. Consequently, only 30% of the sample is typically evaluated due to time constraints. However, this can have negative consequences as contaminations can be overlooked, which can lead to an over- or underestimation of the results.


Gesamtprobe 100%

CAMSENS offers AI-based solutions for fast and accurate scanning of up to 100% of the sample. Our technology improves the reliability of your results and simplifies the measurement process. In addition, our solutions provide detailed documentation of results, allowing easy traceability and comparison with previous measurements.



Air sampling on microscopic slide. Sample preparation with dyes necessary.

Automatic scan

Fully automated scanning of samples to generate high-resolution images.

AI measurement

Detection and determination of relevant spores and airborne particles within minutes.

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