Veterinary Medicine

Detection of parasite eggs in farm animals

Importance of the detection of animal parasites

Detecting parasite eggs is a key aspect of animal health. It enables the identification and treatment of zoonotic diseases that can, for instance, be transmitted from animals to humans. Conventional laboratory analysis to detect parasite eggs in farm animals can be time-consuming and unreliable, as it is often based on manual inspection of microscopic slides.

The CAMSENS Advantage

We offer a complete solution for your laboratory analysis.

With our CS-MultiScan, your samples are automatically scanned and high-quality images are generated. Up to 8 McChamber slides can be scanned in one acquisition run.

With our AI-based software, the parasite eggs present are detected in minutes. All recognized eggs are classified into types and displayed in an overview, allowing easy and convenient evaluation and control of your results.


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