Revolutionizing Parasite Detection with CAMSENS Multiscan Technology

Revolutionizing Parasite Detection with CAMSENS Multiscan Technology

CAMSENS GmbH is at the forefront of developing innovative AI-based solutions, specializing in the detection of particles and microorganisms. Recently, the scope of its technology was broadened beyond the recognition of airborne microorganisms such as mold spores, extending its capabilities to detect parasites in fluid samples.

Introducing Multiscan, a cutting-edge measurement device that combines the synergy of AI and automation to deliver rapid and accurate results for parasite detection in farm animals. Designed for precise quantitative fecal egg counting analysis within McMaster chambers, Multiscan offers adaptability to tailor its operation to meet specific customer needs.

Multiscan streamlines measurement procedures, significantly aiding veterinary clinics in diagnosing parasitic infections. This efficiency enables laboratories to process more samples in less time while methodically documenting the results. The seamless integration of hardware and software not only optimizes veterinarians’ time but also significantly improves working conditions.

The CAMSENS solution autonomously scans the entire slide with micrometric precision, generating high-resolution images. With the aid of AI, each detected particle is accurately recognized and categorized as Strongyloides, Strongyle, Nemabatus, Monzia, Coccidia, and others.

Explore the transformative potential of Multiscan in enhancing parasite detection and management. Contact CAMSENS GmbH for more information or to schedule a demonstration of this innovative technology.